Man lifts

A man lift is an aerial work platform (AWP) that may safely transport a worker and their tools between floors or floors and floors in an indoor or outdoor construction site. Their size, design, and function set them apart from other types of aerial lifts, such as boom lifts.

Lifts of this type also go by the terms “man lifts,” “personal lifts,” and “personal personnel lifts” in the professional sphere. There are a few distinct styles of man lifts, including those that are self-propelled, those that require the user to push the device, and those that are powered by a belt. They range in size and have various functions.



Aerial work platforms, or AWPs for short, are portable man-lift work platforms that can lift one or two persons. They are the cheapest and most basic staff lifts and are typically used for cleaning and maintaining the ceiling, as well as hanging signage and decorations.

Various Kinds of Manlifts

Differentiating between the several types of man lifts may be difficult. They’re all used for various tasks, but perform the same functions. The different types of man lift, the benefits they offer, and when they should be utilized are detailed below.


The self-propelled man lift is the smallest. One worker and some tools can be hoisted up to a height of 15 to 20 feet using this small lift. Its compact size makes it simple to squeeze through tight openings.

Self-propelled man lifts are more steady on the ground but can reach greater heights than ladders. The foldable frame makes it simple to get a little extra height when working on close-quarters interior projects.


Self-propelled man lifts are slightly bigger than their manually-operated counterparts. Height ranges from 15 feet to 50 feet, making it possible for a single worker and his or her tools to access areas like the rafters or the area around the HVAC system. The push-around man lift provides photographers with an elevated vantage point over the throng.

The lift’s folding structure and hydraulic wheels make it simple for one or two people to move it through narrow passages like doors and corridors. For stability, push-around manlifts with a weight capacity of 200–400 pounds and a vertical Reach feature retractable outrigger legs that balance the base and prevent tilting.

The Atrium’s Manlifts (Belt)

Atrium man lifts, sometimes called compact crawler lifts, are the largest in the series. The heavy-duty lift is the best choice for outdoor job sites. The atrium has retractable legs and tank-like drive tracks so it can sit securely on uneven ground such as dirt, sand, and mud.

The length of the extended neck is more than 34 feet, and it can revolve a full 360 degrees. The jib joint allows for precise movement around obstacles like trees and power wires. It’s possible to find a battery-operated atrium lift among the variety that runs on gasoline or diesel.

Product Review

Our aerial lifts, or Man lifts, are specialised machines that help workers reach high places securely and effectively. An enclosed platform is connected to a lifting mechanism, which may raise or lower the platform, taking the workers and their tools with it. With our man lift, you may safely and conveniently access high, out-of-reach places that would otherwise need the use of ladders. Man lifts are used in many different types of workplaces, including warehouses, retail stores, construction sites, and external building maintenance.

We’ve earned a name for ourselves as makers of the market’s most reliable, cutting-edge models for years. Warehouses, construction sites, and organisations that perform outside building maintenance all benefit from employing our man lift.

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