In the event of a power outage, generators supply electricity to keep the lights on, appliances running, and daily activities from coming to a halt. A generator’s sole function is to transform the mechanical energy supplied by an external source into usable electrical energy.

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Applications of a Generator

Since their inception, generators have been an essential tool for the conscientious house and company owner. Their usefulness in so many contexts helps explain why their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

Prime Zone Rental supplies generators to several sectors, and here we’ve outlined a few of the most typical uses for these units to show how versatile they are.


One of a generator’s most prevalent functions is emergency use, which is why the term is so closely associated with disaster preparedness. In the event of a prolonged power outage due to a natural disaster, such as a storm or flood, having a generator can be anything from a nice luxury to a matter of life and death. Annually, Americans lose their lives due to heat and cold extremes; having a generator to power even a space heater during a blizzard could be the difference between life and death.

Frequent Power Failures

A high-capacity standby backup generator will allow you to continue with your normal activities in the event of a power outage for reasons other than an emergency. However, many people choose a smaller, portable generator to keep the fridge cold, a few fans spinning, and other minor appliances powered until the power returns because most Americans only suffer from outages for a few hours per year on average.

Constant Power Supply for Corporations

Businesses have significantly more at stake than individual households when it comes to the stability of the electrical grid. If your machinery goes down for even a few hours, you could lose millions of dollars in orders and clients for good.

The easiest way for businesses to guarantee a nearly continuous power supply is to install a standby generator (or two). Certain sectors, such as hospitals, are required by law to have a continuous supply, which can be achieved with a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system.


Whether it’s an RV generator or an old-fashioned, open-air generator, these machines bring a little bit of civilization to the wilderness. You won’t need a tonne of power to run the electric skillet, lighting, fan, and electric fillet knife you’ll need to prepare all that fresh fish.

Because of their low noise output, inverter generators are increasingly being used at campgrounds. Despite being more expensive than comparable versions, they are typically more portable and lightweight.


It’s natural to assume that construction sites will lack ready access to electricity. Although this does not imply that everything is done manually. Portable generators power the table saws, grinders, drills, and other power tools, while massive diesel generators are sometimes towed to power the machines, trailers, ventilation, water pumps, security, and more. Welding generators are a subset of generators that combine a welder and a generator into a single unit.

Product Review

Our range of generators come in various sizes. We cater to the needs of all the clients. You can also find generators with good muffler which makes bearable noise. Usually, for recreational use, people go for inverter generators as they’re known to make lesser noise. Our generators are fuel efficient and also hold a good amount of fuel. Another perk of buying our generator is that we offer an electric remote to start it. With all these advantages, Prime Zone Rental generators are known to be the best.

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