Dumper trucks

The truck-mounted loader crane industry is led by Hiab, which is the global market leader. It is common knowledge that Hiab truck rentals in dubai by Prime Zone Rental are renowned for their swiftness, accuracy, and dependability. Due to the fact that they are both lightweight and compact, they are excellent candidates for installation on railway vehicles such as locomotives and maintenance waggons.

However, the primary reason that train firms opt for Hiab cranes is the ability to pre-program the movements of the crane boom. This makes it possible to avoid working across a neighbouring railroad track and prevents the crane from colliding with electrical wires.

Truck loaders for railroad maintenance that are the quickest in the world

The hydraulic valve on a Hiab crane has the capacity to manage up to 140 litres (or litres) of hydraulic oil every minute. This results in the loader crane being approximately twice as fast as its competitors’ cranes, making it exceptionally well-suited for the rapid and effective repair of railroads. When it comes to purchasing a truck-mounted crane, operational speed is frequently one of the most significant considerations, and Hiab frequently delivers loader cranes for applications in which time is a critical component.

Use of Hiab trucks

  • HIABs are able to easily carry and distribute freight, as well as load and unload it on-site without the need for a separate mobile crane to be present.
  • These trucks are able to safely transport things from one location on a site to another location on the same site.
  • They have use in many different industries, including as construction, agriculture, shipping, and the energy industry, among others.
  • The HIAB truck is a single unit that, in contrast to conventional cranes, is very simple to relocate and, in terms of its performance on uneven terrain, is far superior to that of a mobile crane.
  • The loader crane on this multipurpose equipment has a rotating range of up to 180 degrees and a length of up to 16.5 metres, making it an excellent choice for reaching into tight or restricted locations.
  • Because they take up less space than traditional cranes and are simpler to manoeuvre, HIABs are ideally suited for construction sites located in urban areas.
  • There is no need to prepare the site in advance or to organise with a crane business in order to dump products at the site when you use an HIAB as an alternative to employing a regular crane, which results in a significant savings of both money and time. When we use HIABs, we find that it helps to cut overall expenses for our customers and makes the delivery process go a lot more smoothly.

Product Review

Our Hiab trucks can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Working in haulage for any period of time reveals just how diverse the tasks may be. There is never a repeating pattern in the loads.

Everything from the most basic necessities like food and supplies to the largest and heaviest machineries and industrial materials was at some point moved utilising a truck, lorry, or HIAB vehicle.

Our HIABs see widespread service in the transportation of out-of-the-ordinary loads associated with the building, farming, landscaping, engineering, and power generation industries.

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