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Maintenance on construction machinery doesn’t factor in overall machinery efficiency and profits.

As a result, most construction industries are primarily implementors of capitalized overhead costs leaving almost no room to purchase additional modern equipment they actually need.

Machinery Categories

Aerial Machines

A boom lift is a form of construction equipment that is utilized frequently. They make it possible to lift in both horizontal and vertical directions. Boom lift rental in Dubai

Loaders and Movers

A piece of heavy machinery known as a Boom Loaders is utilized on construction sites to load and transport goods from one location to another.

Pro Contractors

A forklift is a type of industrial vehicle with a powered loading platform at the front. The fork can be swung up or down and positioned under the load to be lifted or shifted.

Trucks and Trailers

The truck-mounted loader crane industry is led by Hiab, which is the global market leader. It is common knowledge that Hiab truck rentals in dubai

About Us

Prime Zone Rental is dedicated to you the customer by providing you with the best equipment, service, support, and training of any equipment rental company. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, and as one of the leading suppliers of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), we provide you with reliable, best in class boom and scissor-lift equipment when you need to work at height.

When it comes to working at height, The Prime Zone Rental has the breadth of experience, and best in class support and response times, that other equipment rental companies just cannot match. Whether you’re an industrial customer needing hundreds of pieces of equipment for a plant shutdown, a contractor with multiple complex sites, or a facilities management company needing just a few pieces to finish the job, we have what you need.

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A company’s requirement for specialized equipment to facilitate the lifting and transport of enormous and heavy products is obvious. There are many pluses to using hydraulics. We at Prime Zone Rental, offer various types of lifts and cranes to our users. To get our lift rental services, kindly reach out to us at our provided number or email.


Devices that are used in warehouses and retail stores with high ceilings, where workers need to access higher shelves. Essentially a huge scissor lift, a hydraulic lift is used to raise and lower enormous platforms. Hydraulics are used to lift the platform. To facilitate large-scale industrial relocations, the hydraulic lift can raise and lower loads weighing tens of thousands of pounds. A hydraulic lift makes quick work of transporting heavy machines to a new level. You will also get JCB Rental services at our enterprise. Call to book it today!


Now, because of developments in science and technology, a wide range of lift equipment is readily available. At one time, people were able to manually move heavy loads. The contemporary age has made tasks quite simple for anyone. In today’s modern age, the lifting machine performs all the actions required to transport a heavy object, making the job of the work much easier. Be it rollers, cranes, or lifts, you will find everything at Prime Zone Rental. Reach out to us if you need Roller rental services. Heavy-duty lifting equipment is utilized to transport an object with overpowering weight from one spot and then onto the next. Our truck rental services are also quite renowned, check out our website for more insights.

Cranes are also very beneficial to companies that have huge loads to lift or on construction sites. Call us to book our crane rental service. The same holds true for large items, which may be moved painlessly from one corner to another. The lift machines are applied for mechanical applications. Our blog post explains the many types of lifting equipment and how to use them. The Prime Zone Rental services extend to the following regions; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah. We’re waiting for your call!

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